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At Priority RoRo, we think of our clients first. We believe that your priority is to know that your cargo will arrive at its destination safely and on time. We make sure it does. That is why since 2001 we have been the leaders in maritime cargo transportation between Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and most of the Caribbean. With more departures than any other shipping company, more inventory and the best service. The decision is easy. Transport your maritime cargo with the one that always gives you priority, Priority RoRo.

With the purpose of providing maritime cargo services between San Juan, Puerto Rico and Santo Domingo, Priority RoRo Services began operations in November 2001. Operations began with a limited number of containers and with purely Puerto Rican capital. About 3 years later, by 2004, Mr. Néstor González acquired the company shares.

Mr. Néstor González has been in the air and maritime cargo transportation industry from 1986 to the present. In January 1993, he established his first maritime cargo company, Marine Express, Inc. which today is the number one (#1) shipping company between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. In July 1998, Mr. Néstor González was able to start operating Ferries del Caribe Corporation to transport passengers between Mayagüez, Puerto Rico and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. This ferry service between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic was very successful. Today this service exists and is offered by America Cruise Ferries, Inc. d/b/a Ferries del Caribe.

As soon as Mr. González acquired the company, the hard work began, particularly in the areas of cost control, customer service and equipment acquisition and control. Subsequently, month after month the company continued to progress. In this manner, Marine Express, Inc. and Priority RoRo Services, even being competitors, offer each other support in transporting some cargo whenever necessary; which guarantees the continuity of service for both companies. Priority Ro Ro Services is a company that came to offer a unique service between San Juan and the Dominican Republic and offers weekly trips between both destinations, specializing in refrigerated equipment. Priority RoRo Services is here to stay.

Priority RoRo Services, a maritime transport company that has been serving the Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic markets since 2004, has several weekly departures and twelve-hour transit time.

Addressing the needs of the market, in 2015 the company expanded its service into the Virgin Islands thus broadening transportation options for your business and offering the highest frequency of weekly round trips to St. Thomas, St. Martin, St. Croix, Tortola, Saba, Anguilla, St. Kitts, St. Eustatius, Guadeloupe and Martinique. Priority Ro Ro moves your over dimensional equipment, vehicles, boats, loose cargo or transports all of your merchandise, whether in refrigerated containers, dry vans or flatbeds, including hazardous cargo.

As part of personalized services, the company is also in charge of processing all necessary documentation for your shipment, arranging customs services and/or any other related matter. By using Priority RoRo services, businessmen will have greater flexibility in departures which will allow them to maximize their shipments and minimize their costs.

In 2019, we opened the loose cargo warehouse for services to the Virgin Islands. Located in the Guaynabo Free Zone, Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 5:00pm and adding a fourth departure between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico

The current capacity is 300 TEU’s per voyage between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic and 140 TEU’s per voyage to USVI and VI

At Priority RoRo we are committed to the Ferries del Caribe Foundation whose motto is: "Helping the poorest of the poor". It was founded by Mr. Néstor González in 1999. Since that time, the Foundation has been in charge of helping the neediest in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Among the projects that the foundation has carried out, we can highlight home construction where before there were mud and straw huts, recreational area construction, the construction of drains for channeling water that caused flooding, bridge construction to facilitate passage and access of families to their environment and food and utensils distribution for housing such as beds, blankets, chairs, clothes and toys. The Foundation sponsored the National Shelter for the Physically Handicapped and in 2015 the construction of a school to house 150 children with special conditions was completed. One of its greatest works is the Health Fair where medically-indigent people are attended to and which has already benefited over 100,000 people. This fair is held every year in Santo Domingo. In addition to offering medical services, medication, meals, toys and candy for children, milk for infants is delivered and follow-up is given to those health conditions that warrant it.

Following Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico in 2017, the Foundation carried out initiatives aimed at providing assistance to approximately 13,500 families in various municipalities of the island by delivering bottled water and groceries. The organization delivered bottled water to 12,300 families and groceries to 1,200 families.

In September 2019, a massive collection of food and basic necessities was carried out, transporting 1,650,000 pounds of supplies, which were delivered to the islands of the Bahamas to those affected by Hurricane Dorian. After the January 2020 earthquakes in Puerto Rico, supplies were provided in the towns of Guayanilla, Guánica and Yauco, affecting 3,000 families.

In 2019, we opened the loose cargo warehouse for services to the Virgin Islands. Located in the Guaynabo Free Zone, Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 5:00pm and adding a fourth departure between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico

If you would like to learn more about our Foundation, its work, and about how you can be a part of these efforts, you may visit www.fundacionferriesdelcaribe.org


To be a global, innovative and leading conglomerate in each industry we represent.


To provide unique services and products, focused on developing a business partner relationship with our clients while exceeding their expectations, through the human quality and professionalism of our associates, with the purpose of perpetuating our Foundation and our companies, making them sustainable ones where we enjoy working.



Seize and fulfill commitments promoting our mission for the benefit of the company, employees, society and other corporate partners.


The ability to deliver even in the face of changing or adverse circumstances.


Seek opportunities to globalize our services and exceed client expectations.


Our responsibility is to work coordinating actions that produce changes in order for the poor to live with dignity.


The ability we have to recover in the face of adversity in order to continue projecting the future, using self-determination as the driving force.


That our actions and thoughts coexist in a transparent manner, promoting credibility and confidence.


Consideration in promoting a healthy coexistence, acknowledging rights and responsibilities and dignity of all people and entities.


Humility is an attitude that makes us stand out as a company because of our devotion to service and it teaches us that in order to achieve our goals we have to work as a team.


The need that we all have to feel free from all threats or physical, moral, social and economic threat or danger through risk prevention and limitation.


The force that drives us to act properly and leads us to a life of well-being for ourselves and for others.

Néstor González García,

President & COO

Maribel Más,

Vice-President & CFO

Néstor Cidras,

Sales & Marketing VP

José Ayala,

Sales & Operations
VP Eastern Caribbean Service

Hiram Medina,

Operations Manager
Eastern Caribbean Services

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Sales Executive

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Sales Executive

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Sales Executive

CTPAT – Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism

Through this program, CBP works with the business community to strengthen international supply chains and enhance U.S. border security. CTPAT is a voluntary program in partnership with the public and private sector that recognizes that CBP can provide the highest level of cargo security through close cooperation with international supply chain stakeholders, importers, carriers, consolidators, licensed customs brokers and manufacturers. Obtaining CTPAT certification allows us to better identify potential security vulnerabilities and take corrective action in order to mitigate risks.

AEO – Authorized Economic Operator

The certification of the Authorized Economic Operator program of the General Directorate of Customs of the Dominican Republic aims to ensure minimum levels of security in the supply chain and facilitate the flow of international trade, forging sound partnerships between the public and private sectors, with extensive benefits in its foreign trade operations and recognition as a safe company, both for its business associates and for the customs authority.

BASC - Business Alliance for Secure Commerce

It is an international business alliance that promotes secure trade through the generation of trust and in cooperation with governments and multisectoral organizations. The objective of the certification is to promote the validation of control and security management systems based on risk management to mitigate the smuggling of merchandise, money laundering, terrorist financing, among other illegal activities throughout the global trade supply chain. The partnership is led by the business sector and supported by the U.S. Customs Service.


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